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YSC - 2016 Christmas Party Cheers

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The York Spiritualist Centre festive period started off with a bang this year with Christmas decorations, and generous donations for our Grand Christmas Raffle.

Gerald O’Hara kindly chaired the evening in his usual humorous and professional manner. It was especially fitting when Gerald spoke a few meaningful words about each person, who invested time, energy and love founding the York Spiritualist movement. Remembering our roots is a sure way to better our spiritual connection and direction, we were all touched by Gerald’s recollections; some of the members added their contributions of more recent transitions, and how these people contributed to the centre.

We were also blessed to have Eric on the rostrum linking with spirit and giving evidence that life does continue after death. For those who have not seen Eric work, one can get a sense of his link with spirit, just by watching him. The room energy was especially vibrant on this evening which helped Eric make that spiritual link and bring forth evidence of soul survival.

We were also privileged to have a brave young volunteer sing for us, Fred Smith who is known for his recent success role in a pantomime production where he played Grace, one of Cinderella’s ugly sisters. Everyone was blown away by Fred’s talent; his performance started off quietly, he drew everyone in. Without warning Fred broke out the big guns, and filled the room with the most amazing energetic voice (reaching notes I didn’t know existed!). Fred was a true professional, and this was a West-End type of performance that brought a little tear to some of the audiences’ eyes. Thank you Fred for such a wonderful performance.

Margaret Hodge then gave us a reading from the well known poet Rumi, his words were especially relevant to this time of year and Margaret spoke them in a way that brought these words of wisdom to life.

Our second medium of the evening was Jack Hunter, again the goal being to blend the two worlds for a short moment, and bring evidence from the other side that personalities and memories still exist. Jack did an excellent job, and brought through details from loved ones that could not have been known previously.

Between all these activities, the Grand Raffle was called in increments. The raffle prizes were of amazing quality making the raffle a well-supported one, I managed to count 130 prizes, thank you to all those who gave generously.

We also had a visit from Santa Claus, who brought humour (the old jokes are sometimes the best ones), for the audience and gifts for the children. This was a wonderful surprise for all, thank you Santa for a five star visit!

Fred & Bree were joined by three volunteers, and bravely stood on the rostrum performing: ‘When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney’. Not one of our choir was lost for words, the enthusiasm there for all to see, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Thank you all!

After all the Christmas carol singing and laughter, everyone was ready to start feasting on the Christmas buffet delights, visitors to the centre also managed to please everyone with a sweet tooth by donating cakes and desserts.

The York Spiritualist Centre team would like to thank everyone for your support in 2016, we would like to wish all our members and visitors a Happy New Year (because we are closing after the Peace Circle on 18th December 2016).

Xmas Party 2016 Gallery

  • 01 Raffle
  • 02 Bree
  • 03 Tickets-Please
  • 04 Chairing-Gerald
  • 05 Fred-Singing
  • 06 Margaret-Rumi
  • 09 Santa
  • 08 Santa-Kids
  • 09 Choir
  • 11 Choir
  • 12 Maureen-President-Thanks

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