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The Power of Spirit Workshop with Eric

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If anyone had told me spirit could manipulate the physical world a few years ago, I would have thought everyone was crazy.

I am not a sceptic, more of a spiritual adventurer, I like to test the waters myself, just so I can form my own opinions of phenomenon based on first hand evidence. I attended Eric’s workshop titled ‘The Power of Spirit, from Table to Trance’ at York Spiritualist Centre. On Saturday 1st April 2017, so I could learn more about how spirit work with energy and also manipulate energy, and physical objects in our perceived world. I was truly amazed to see such a well-attended workshop, I counted 22 participants who were as equally excited as I was, to be taught by such an experienced and well respected medium.

The main counter argument for table tilting is that it’s not spirit, but instead it is caused by a phenomenon called the ideomotor effect (Ideomotor actions are unconscious, involuntary motor movements that are performed by a person because of prior expectations, suggestions or preconceptions.). The first part of Eric’s workshop covered table tilting, to my surprise Eric talked about the importance of real evidence, that a moving table could just as easily be influenced by the operators themselves, albeit unconsciously or by means of unseen energies, also not just accepting a rapped out name as evidence that that the given named communicator was indeed the communicator.

After a detailed introduction with many thought provoking teachings, we then proceeded to experiment with Table Tilting using various methods to establish who was moving the table (students or spirit). In some cases we experimented with tables with highly varnished slippy surfaces that made it near impossible for any operator to manipulate the table voluntary or involuntarily, we also used tables of different shapes, sizes and weights to make the experiments varied, lastly we experimented with different numbers of people physically in contact with the table (1 – 7 persons). In each case we were to identify the communicator, and get accurate facts or knowledge which would not be unknown to an spirit outsider or impersonator, but only known to the real communicator (a few table operators actually received shocking and real evidence!). We also discovered an intelligent force behind the table, that could not be attributed to the operators, as we had experimented to remove operator influence as much as possible.

Part one of the workshop was very enlightening for everyone, I loved the fact that we could experience Table Tilting from a teacher who was both experienced and open minded, I would recommend this workshop for all levels of experience, as it is safe, informative, eye opening, and the mechanics are well explained.



The second half of the workshop covered Trance Mediumship. We soon discovered that this term ‘Trance’, did not only cover altered states where the medium was fully unaware; it covered varying states of awareness in which each progression moved the medium a little more out of the way. I soon found myself being given hidden knowledge that was there in plain sight, as I have seen some of these states of awareness demonstrated by many mediums at Divine Services, it was just that I had not been aware of their conscious state, and how spirit was inspiring the medium.

After Eric had finished teaching about each individual level, we were then asked to assess ourselves (with Eric’s guidance), assessing our current abilities to work and act on spirits behalf.

Eric then helped each student onto the correct run of the ladder based on their confidence, experience or ability (we had a mix of students from novice to the very experienced), and he helped each student blend and work with spirit to be able to give inspired words at their chosen level of trance, I was so proud of all the students, many of which took a leap of faith after finding inspiration in Eric’s teachings, this was truly a magical step to greater things. With each inspired talk, each student and the audience were surprised at the wisdom of the inspired spoken words, as no there had been no preparation beforehand. Furthermore most students reported that the flow of words spoken, and their delivery style were different to how they would usually communicate.

At the end of the workshop, Eric gave us a 45 minute demonstration of Deep-Trance-Mediumship, all the students’ questions were answered, and we were also given some words of wisdom from Eric’s helpers pertaining to the lessons learned in the workshop, this was such an honour to be in the presence of Eric’s spirit helpers.

Once again, I can only recommend Eric as someone who not only inspires but is able to enlighten and teach with the up most integrity. Be sure to look out for his next workshop by looking up “Eric & Gerald O’Hara from York”.

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  • Comment Link JJR Tuesday, 04 April 2017 15:48 posted by JJR

    Very interesting and exciting, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience being a relative newby to spiritualism, can't wait for the next one.

  • Comment Link Maz Sunday, 02 April 2017 22:43 posted by Maz

    Wow Informative, Wow inspiring & amazing, Wow I need to see and experience this when Eric is in York again.


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