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The Message of Spiritualism Today - Workshop with David Bruton

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When I heard that the SNU President & Minister David Bruton was holding a workshop at York Spiritualist Centre, I was sure that the teachings gained would help me on my spiritual journey.

From the outset, it was clear that David was ‘walking the walk’, and that his 40 years’ of experience and insights should be treated like gold dust.

My first impressions of the workshop were that all of our 24 students related to David from the outset; he was warm, approachable, knowledgeable, and his humour immediately uplifted the room. It was especially reassuring that David understood from his deep rooted experience what he was teaching, from the workshop start to its conclusion, my knowledge base and thoughts were challenged and enhanced.

After everyone introduced themselves, the session commenced with an open discussion lead by David about ‘The Message of Spiritualism Today’ (the workshop title). The questions and reflections helped everyone find their place in Spiritualism by exploring the past, with many questions relating to the present, mediumship & philosophy, their different roles, and how we can better use these elements in our spiritualism to better connect to spirit and the audience.

We covered a lot of subjects during the workshop, I was really surprised how important & fundamental prayer and philosophy are in finding that spiritual connection. They not disciplines for the chosen few; instead we can all create that spiritual stillness within ourselves to access an inspired prayer (silent or spoken), or talk about a personal experience, inspiring subject or something that moves us. The word philosophy appears to be an overcomplicated term used to describe ‘life’s experience’, something that can touch, inspire and even help others in need, when it is given freely and with love.

Even the shyest of us can learn to stand up in a circle, and share a few words amongst a small trusted audience, if we nurture this inner confidence of knowing we have something useful to share, and let that seed grow within, we may long to enhance our skillsets to encompass public speaking, so we become unshakeable when sharing spiritual insights with others.

David’s section on Public Speaking was invaluable; he covered a wide of subjects such as: preparation, planning, self-focus delivery, holding audience focus and being flexible. One of David’s pointers should never be overlooked, those who conduct rostrum work are ambassadors to the movement; all the previously mentioned techniques will be wasted unless you make a good first impression with dress code and conduct. Audiences sometimes forget what you say, but they will always remember the first impression that you gave them!

Being an ambassador to Spiritualism extends beyond the rostrum though; for example, if a first time visitor to a church or centre feels unwelcomed or leaves with negativity, they are sure to tell their friends and may not ever return, I would rather make everyone feel welcome and create a positive experience, in the hope that they may explore and further their spiritual journey, giving them the opportunity to return.

A workshop would be incomplete if we did not have the chance to work and develop our awareness, and better our link with spirit. The way in which David taught us to use colour to assess the four pillars necessary for a balanced wellbeing was highly interesting and well received by all 24 students. I especially love to see a twist on a previously learned development technique. David was able to show everyone how to push boundaries on such a technique, showing all that no one ever stops learning.

Concluding this article, I can honestly say that ‘The Message of Spiritualism’, is not just down to the SNU, it is a team effort; we need to educate, be progressive and appealing, not just to the mature generations, but to the younger generations which possess raw abilities. How we do this is the challenge. If I had been introduced to trance or physical mediumship when I was in my 20’s (yes I visited a few spiritualist churches back in the 90's), I would have explored this path further, as I had already experienced automatic writing, physical phenomena and much more. Instead I thought Sunday services, sitting in circles & giving messages was all there was to spiritualism (if only I could turn back time with the knowledge that I now have!), it is everyone's responsibility to promote Spiritualism as a whole, visitors can only find the correct pathway for themselves if we illuminate the pathways and options available to them!

The workshop was an outstanding success, and we hope David will be able to offer another equally inspiring workshop in the not too distant future. Thank you for taking the Divine Sunday Service David, I suggest everyone should see how our SNU President & Minister leads by example.

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