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'Strengthening Your Spirit Link', Susanne Munley

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When we want to improve our psychic or mediumship skills, workshops offer us the opportunity to gain theory and practical skills on a chosen theme in an afternoon or weekend course.

Having an experienced tutor like Susanne Munley really makes a difference to what can be learned on a workshop, her background as a natural medium from childhood, combined with her natural abilities, solid foundations, and accreditations in mediumship helps Susanne cover a wide range of subjects, from beginner to advanced.

On Saturday, 4th February 2017, Susanne held a workshop with 14 students of varying abilities at York Spiritualist Centre. There was excitement in the room from the very start as Susanne talked us through the theory (in her warm and unique manner), in preparation for the hands-on part of the workshop. I found Susanne was well prepared and willing to answer questions to deepen everyone’s understanding; the theory was well structured and easy to comprehend.

All the participants worked competently on the foundations under Susanne’s guidance, firstly learning about the energy of the self, then moving onto the auric field of others, the physical layer, the emotional layer, the mental layer, and finally the spiritual layers. There were also other aspects of the workshop which have not been described, which helped each student improve their skills.

Much insight was gained and experienced, and then later used to work psychically and then with spirit, to improve everyone’s ability to bring through a stronger spirit communicator.

Using Susanne’s methods everyone improved their skills, and stronger, more evidential links could be identified as a product of this insightful and productive workshop.

We cannot wait for the next workshop with Susanne!

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