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Stephen Holbrook, a mediumship evening to remember

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York Spiritualist Centre were once again privileged to have Stephen Holbrook hosting an evening of mediumship on 1st October 2016, with the aim of giving an evidential demonstration of mediumship to those in attendance.

Firstly our well respected and experienced chairperson gave an interesting introduction to Stephen’s mediumship, and how his relentless work is not so much a link to spirit, but more like a pipeline to spirit, commenting on the amount of weekly demonstrations Stephen gives.

The York venue was full to capacity demonstrating the audiences trust, and popularity in Stephen's work.

Over the demonstration lasting one and a half hours, Stephen demonstrated over and over that his spirit links were strong & accurate, e.g. he provided specific names with their birthdays, their relationship to the person, and obscure facts about the spirit link that could only apply to the linked person and audience member, these memories and objects, obscure as they were, made the evening extremely memorable, this was truly a fascinating demonstration of mediumship.

The evening was also filled with bursts humour which helped lighten the intense moments where people were touched deeply, but more importantly Steven was able link into the spirit world, and provide much needed evidence to those in attendance. Everyone that I spoke to enjoyed Stephen’s demonstration of mediumship.
I have never seen Stephen work before; I could sense the strong spirit links, and I look forward to witnessing Stephen work again.

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