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Spirit Art & Mediumship Demonstration with Sandy & Chantelle

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Mediumship aims to prove that a part of us continues on in the afterlife; imagine if you could see your loved ones being drawn in front of you, while being presented with evidence about your loved ones. On the evening of Friday 3rd March,

we held a very special event with International Spirit Artist, Sandy Ingham and Medium, Chantelle Lockhart to who demonstrated this special form of evidential mediumship at York Spiritualist Centre.

Although it was raining and cold outside, York Spiritualist Centre was buzzing with excitement and full to capacity. It is worth mentioning that demonstrating Spirit Artists are quite rare in the UK, so I guess everyone was as eager to see Sandy and Chantelle as I was.

The room was set up so everyone was able to get a clear view of Sandy’s live drawing, a projector and large screen was placed prominently in the room giving everyone a live video projection of the artist’s work.

The evening started off with Sandy giving a short introduction, then she sat down and slipped into a type of sleep state while her guide (Leo), took control of her hands. Leo works through Sandy as she cannot draw! Chantelle then took over in her professional and humorous manner, giving evidence from her spirit links and also referencing Sandy’s drawings when appropriate.

The first drawings were quite unusual, as Sandy had two sheets of paper, and a pencil in each hand. Two drawings and two different faces were being drawn in tandem, while Chantelle gave verbal evidence linking in to each drawing.

The amazing thing was a 100% of the drawings were recognised as loved ones who had passed over to the spirit world, and the majority of facts given by Chantelle were accepted as being relevant to the person being drawn.  Some audience members were both surprised and emotional at the detail and accuracy of the information being brought through by Sandy and Chantelle, their working style is very complimentary.

I have to mention the drawing style, each and every time, Sandy & Leo’s working style baffled me. A few random lines or curves seemed to start the drawing, hair or eyes, nose or moustache, it was amazing to see how faces developed from seemingly random lines into character full faces, and all this happened while Sandy was in a sleep like state. Furthermore all the drawings could be taken home afterwards, so the recipient could do follow up research and try and find a matching photo in a photo album.

This event was a huge success, and we look forward to welcoming back Sandy and Chantelle for a future event of evidence. amazement and plenty of humour.

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  • Comment Link YSC Sunday, 05 March 2017 17:10 posted by YSC

    Amazing! I spoke to one of the lady's who received a picture from Sandy. When she got home, her husband recognised the person in the image and asked the recipient: "why have you got an image of Alan?".
    If this was not proof enough, Sandy named the person on the image correctly, and Sandy & Chantelle brought through so much specific and obscure evidence.

  • Comment Link chrisy Sunday, 05 March 2017 16:38 posted by chrisy

    I found the evidence exceptional ,Chantelles mediumship along side the most detailed drawings from Sandy ; proved without doubt the loved ones which had passed where there in spirit .A truly enjoyable evening with moments of humour to lift all our spirits.
    Chrisy .


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