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'Let’s Work for Spirit’, Sue Jex & Liz Wood, Amazing!

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On 12 November 2016, Sue Jex and Liz Wood from Castleford visited York Spiritualist Centre to take a work shop called: ‘Let’s Work for Spirit’.

The course was attended with a split of approximately 50% experienced and 50% novice mediums, the one thing that everyone brought to the course was bags of enthusiasm, and the willingness to try new techniques, and complete every exercise with 100% dedication while having fun.

The workshop commenced with a rounded amount of useful theory on mediumship mechanics to prepare everyone fully for the upcoming exercises, the theory was easy to understand & presented in a very interesting way, giving real world examples which everyone could use while leading a busy life. We then charged our spiritual batteries through a short but powerful attunement.

We soon got down to the practical aspect of the workshop, I loved the way Sue and Liz coached each student. After each exercise, the results were analysed as a group so that the whole group could learn, not only from successful linking, but from any mistakes and failures to link too. This valuable lesson was (in my view), the key reason each student was able to put aside their fears and move outside their comfort zones in the name of progress.

Each student managed to gain a better proficiency and understanding, enabling them to better link and communicate with spirit. Sue and Liz are a formidable force when it comes to teaching, having two mediums on a workshop certainly benefits each student by doubling the available knowledge and mentoring opportunities on the workshop.

I deepened my understanding of how spirit works, and how I currently work. The biggest lesson for me was understanding that spirit are so complete, also that we are in control as mediums, and that with the correct intention, we can advance our skills 100% by working hand in hand with our spirit guides.

What an amazing day, if you are prepared to work for spirit and put in 100% effort I am confident that you will move forwards and onwards on your spiritual pathway. Sue and Liz will push you outside your comfort zone (only if you want to learn!), and you will most certainly build up your spiritual foundations so they remain strong and rooted. Sue and Liz have many years of experience, and will help you move closer to your goals. Be sure to look out for their next workshop, I am certainly looking forward to working with Sue and Liz again.

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