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David Parker - Deep Trance Demonstration - May 17

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Spirit have many strings to their many bows when communicating and providing evidence of soul survival. For anyone wishing to explore evidential mediumship, I suggest exploring the many avenues available to us,

so that we can experience first-hand, the many varying phenomena spirit is able to produce.

Deep Trance Mediumship is both varied (altered states vary), and quite a rare thing to witness, so grabbing the bull by the horn, and visiting different mediums is a great way to get a feel for how unique each demonstration is, this is also a further step to your spiritual education! This article aims to build on our last article which attempted to introduce Deep Trance Mediumship to the open minded without introducing technical terms. Link+

David Parker is an experienced Deep Trance Medium with over 20 years of experience; we were treated to a rare demonstration of Deep Trance Mediumship on Saturday, 13th May 2017, at York Spiritualist Centre.

Firstly the curtains were drawn, so that no one was distracted by glaring sunlight coming through our tall windows. The main lights remained on throughout the demonstration, allowing everyone to fully observe the demonstration, and also other details like body language, facial expressions and interactions, which are not usually so clear in rooms with dimmed lights.

Three chairs were placed facing the seated audience, Monika & Phil were seated on either side of David. The reason for this arrangement is not immediately apparent. When spirit work from this level of trance, the spirit communicators require additional energy, in order for the spirit world to influence & communicate through David. This energy is provided from the people sat directly next to the medium (as we are energy spirit can take from designated people), these people are referred to as ‘batteries’ in the world of physical mediumship.

David did not require much preparation before entering his altered state of consciousness; altered states of consciousness occur when the person’s brainwave frequency patterns alters, Deep trance can occur between Theta & Delta brainwave frequencies, and this state can also be measured scientifically. David slipped into an altered state while sat in front of the audience; this allowed David to melt away his normal conscious state and ego, to allow spirit to talk through him. During this phase David’s gatekeeper (the guide responsible for protecting the medium), was clearly audible, and firstly spoke in his native tongue. During this time Monika gave an introduction, with interesting information on David’s guides and how the demonstration will function.

David’s eyes remained closed throughout the demonstration, some time into the demonstration one of the audience members asked a question to ‘Calling Bear’, who is also responsible for who can communicate through David. ‘Calling Bear’ then asked the member to step forward. Once they were stood in front of the medium, they were hugged by the medium. The energy change in the room was like nothing else I have ever felt or experienced, it was so emotionally charged; I could not see a dry eye in the room. Almost everyone felt this change, and this goes to show the power of spirit, and why the article cannot substitute real life experiences.

‘Isaak’ is another of David’s helpers, I found him thoughtful and his words had a poetic resonance about them. For example, when trying to describe the feeling of Spiritual Energy, he said: “Feeling Spiritual Energy is like bathing in a twinkle of twinkling stars”, I found those words deeply inspired.

When another member asked a question to ‘Isaak’, it was very apparent that he could sense the personality of the questionnaire very well and give an in depth answer, even though David had little or no previous contact with the person.

‘Isaak’ also reminded everyone that we all forget how spiritually powerful each and every one of us are, and that we are all one. We should not be thinking: Should I, Could I, or Would I, we should be thinking: I Will, I Could, I Can and I do, so his words were very powerful when put into a context of wholeness of the demonstration.

In amongst the whole Trance Session, there was also plenty of humour both from ‘Calling Bear’ & ‘Isaak’, their words flowed like a crystal river & were equally empowering.

At the York Spiritualist Centre one of our goals is to provide a safe space for visitors to experience some of this evidence (we realise that the widely demonstrated mental mediumship may not be enough for some people). We already have a solid core of Truth Seekers, if you would like to be included in these special workshops or special demonstrations, let a committee member know of your desire to explore the world of spirit in more detail.


Please visit David and Monika:


Facebook: John David Parker+ & friendsofhornseahealers+


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