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A Deep Trance Mediumship Demonstration with Eric Explored

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Deep Trance Mediumship Demonstrations are few and far between, especially in the UK, so when Eric hosted a demonstration on 29th October 2016 at York Spiritualist Centre, I knew I had to be there for the afternoon demonstration.

I will attempt to describe what I experienced for those who have never seen this form of Evidential Mediumship.

Firstly the medium (Eric), had no contact with the audience prior to the demonstration; he entered the building via the rear entrance and prepared himself in seclusion (in our quiet room).

Three chairs were placed centred in a room, so that the medium and his two helpers could sit face to face with the audience who were already sat down in seats placed in rows, the curtains were also drawn to exclude as much daylight as possible.

Eric entered the room (with his helpers Gerald and Margaret), ready to work in an altered state of consciousness. He sat down in a chair with his two helpers on either side of him, it was apparent to me that his altered state of consciousness prevented him from being directly aware of the audience; his eyes were also closed.

Gerald O’Hara then gave a small talk on Eric’s deep trance work, explaining what to expect in the demonstration and how to interact with Eric, his guides and helpers. Gerald coordinated the demonstration, being Eric’s eyes and ears when called for.

Eric took some minutes to adjust to the new environment, I witnessed some body spasms, and later his breathing rhythm and tone altered (it wasn’t scary, but I adjusted to the new experience, as I was in a safe environment with Gerald, Eric’s experienced helper).

The first voice I heard was Eric’s gatekeeper, his name is Great Bear who claims to be an American Indian, although at present I am informed that little is known of his life on earth. I believe his roles are to protect Eric and manage any spirit visitors so they arrive and retreat correctly. The gatekeeper, although audible, never actually addressed the audience. Then a female guide called Lucy started singing (how uplifting), she then introduced herself to everyone and proceeded to interact with everyone in the room (I had to keep reminding myself that Lucy was communicating through Eric).

Another regular communicator through Eric is an American Indian called Spotted Elk. Spotted Elk claims to be the same American Indian, alive at the time of the more famous Sitting Bull. Spotted Elk is a lively character who reflects on the conditions prevailing on the earth and the need for change in the minds and actions of people living on the earth.

During the demonstration, different voices spoke through Eric, the accents, colloquialisms mannerisms and characters were as different as night time is to daytime. One would imagine that this would seem strange, but it was more having a friendly chat. All the personalities showed compassion, sensitivity, knowledge, wisdom and even humour, but more importantly they showed intelligence, and demonstrated inside knowledge about the person being addressed!

Eric also has other guides and helpers, Lucy and William were able to communicate through Eric, and answer all the questions put forward by the audience. They also offered guidance and an understanding of what that person was experiencing in their life, even down to giving unique, specific, and obscure little details, Eric’s guides were able to offer indisputable evidence that an intelligent life-force exists from a world that is invisible to ours.

Other guides communicate through Eric, on this occasion various guides spoke in tongues and styles which are not from this time period, their guidance & philosophy were addressed to all those in attendance, this part of the demonstration was for me, both spiritual and empowering; it was like being taught from a higher master.

Eric’s guides concluded the session after approximately 2 hours, Gerald and Margaret escorted Eric to the quiet room where he could recover from his deep sleep like state.

I received very positive comments pertaining to the quality of the evidence brought forward; furthermore approximately 75% of the audience were first time visitors to the centre, and had no previous contact with Eric.

I am assuming you are reading this article, because you are considering attending a Deep Trance Demonstration. There are different types of trance demonstrations; I have done my best to describe (without the use of technical terminology), what I experienced with Eric in an ‘unaware’ altered state of consciousness, this state is usually reserved for physical mediumship. I advise you to explore with a positive open mind, so that you may come to your own conclusions, like the many pioneers who have taken this path before you.

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  • Comment Link judy Monday, 30 January 2017 15:12 posted by judy

    i went to one at the centre a good few years ago, it was really fascinating, most enlightening

  • Comment Link Louby Monday, 16 January 2017 19:15 posted by Louby

    Your description of the experience was very engaging. I feel like I now understand a little more about the type of mediumship.L

  • Comment Link Justin Piercy Tuesday, 10 January 2017 08:44 posted by Justin Piercy

    That was very interesting to read and a great insight into deep trance. I'll certainly try to get along to the next one. Thanks


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