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A Day with Pietro Politano

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When Pietro comes takes a workshop, I get butterfly’s in my stomach, it is an excitement of knowing that everyone is in for an extra special day of inspired learning combined with light humour.

I was especially happy to see so many new visitors at the centre wishing to explore their spirituality, and develop their psychic and mediumship abilities. Having so many new faces adds a different dimension and energy to the workshop, a great mix of varying abilities creates a better working environment, and everyone gets to learn or revisit the fundamental principles relevant to the current lesson.

My first lesson was quite unexpected, Pietro talked about his personal journey of spiritual unfoldment, it is great to know that Pietro sat for many years in various circles to become a proficient medium, the lessons: Be patient, sit regularly & do not get disheartened when things develop slowly, a tree needs to grow its foundations downwards, before it is strong enough to grow upwards and withstand the storms.

It was also great to learn that spirit are around each and every one of us, it’s just that our everyday busy lives usually prevent us from sensing these non-physical energies. Pietro enlightened us that spirits are eager and ready to work with all who are respectful to this invisible world; they are ready to help us increase our sensitivity to these subtle energies, welcoming us to their world and spirit presence.

Pietro managed to make the day’s lessons relatable to everyone’s spiritual journey & personal goals. Everyone managed to learn a new visualisation technique from Pietro, I am not very good at visualising with spirit, but with the new technique I was able to pictures instead of my usual nothingness!

Pietro has a fantastic way of explaining his lessons, not only are the lessons well structured, Pietro gives the reasoning (how & why), behind the lessons, so we all become able to apply the lessons and techniques in situations outside the workshop.

I have already mentioned spirits willingness to work, on a closing note I think everyone giving readings and messages should think about the clients motive for coming to a reading or mediumship demonstration, as you become more experienced you will often see that the motives are miles apart, and it is up to you (working with spirit), to judge how long you spend on each part of the reading, so you can fulfil the clients need as much as possible.


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Evening of Mediumship 18th March 2017:

Pietro returned later that evening to give a Demonstration of Mediumship, his popularity was obvious, as the room was full.

Personally the evening was extra special, I saw how much respect Pierto had for spirit when giving evidence from beyond. Pietro not only knew that someones relative was with him, and who they were for, and he continued to provide mountains of evidence without once asking the person receiving the message a prying question. He only asked for a Yes or No answer, and this format was adhered to for 98% of the demonstration

I advise anyone doubting the existence of survival to visit Pierto Politano at one of his demonstrations, the integrity of his evidence coupled with notes of humour makes these evenings truly unmissable.



  • Jennifer R: “An amazing evening very entertaining, fantastic messages and awesome evidence a truly talented medium, I would wholeheartedly recommend seeing him if you every get the chance.”
  • Ems C: “Storey Fantastic evening x”
  • Avril E: “Thank you for the workshop yesterday it was brilliant learnt so much and a fab demo in the evening xx”

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  • Comment Link Jennifer Richardson Saturday, 25 March 2017 22:21 posted by Jennifer Richardson

    Although I made the evening service with Pietro, I was disappointed that I missed the workshop I would have loved to have been there but unfortunately it wasn't to be. I have heard such great feedback from those who did attend and I certainly will not be missing his next one x

  • Comment Link christine taylor Tuesday, 21 March 2017 23:21 posted by christine taylor

    I had a wonderful day at the Saturday workshop, the suggestions on further development of each student was discussed and written out individually, personally it has helped me in many ways. A truly inspiring teacher who helped with laughter too :-)


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