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Our lives are like a sailing boat

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Our lives are like a sailing boat
Upon the beautiful ocean
The waves continue to rise and fall
As we drift within that motion.

The sun and moon shine down on us
The wind, the rain and the snow
But we still remain upon our boat
Not knowing which way we go.

Our lives will be filled with ups and downs
With love and at times with sorrow
But just as we have to ride those storms
For a better day is promised tomorrow.

We have a choice in our waking hour
To look at the sky and say
"Whatever is my destiny
I'll make today "MY DAY"

"I'll be thankful for the breath's I take
For the beauty that I can see
For the birds all singing so beautifully
On their branch upon their tree."

"I'm blessed for all the friends I have
And for the love of my family
For the day is what I make of it
And what I choose it to be"

"If sorrow fills the hearts of some
Or grief is what they may feel
I'll take their hand and hold them close
So they know my care is real"

"If a negative vibe or a stumbling block
Today is what I face
I'll step outside and take a breath
And allow my angels to give me faith"

We cannot stop the waves of life
Or the storms we have to ride
But we can make a positive choice
To face it, and not to hide.

We learn from all that we endure
The good, the bad and the hard
But its the way we choose to deal with it
That is our winning card.

So even though our storms may bring
The tears, the heartache and pain
Don't let it be your focus in life
Allow it to turn into a gain.

Use it as a learning tool
To help those around us in need
And one by one we can empower each other
To sow that positive seed.

The change that's needed must start with us
From a place deep down inside
So make that change each waking hour
Like that little sail boat upon that tide.

Caz D.

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