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Channelled Writing - Nov 2018

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“We have watched and observed for a long time. We have been waiting for this energy shift to occur.

Why? It was planned. In order to move forward into a higher knowing everyone’s vibration is rising. As it does, the known and structure of life will become the unknown and those who are ready will be there to support and catch others. The starseeds, indigo children and other soul groups were here to keep the vibrations high. To mix with other souls. TO bring enlightenment. They are all aligning to their purpose. When you all align to your purpose you will see how much joy is in life. How much passion. Enjoying your life gives us great pleasure. We dance. We sing. We rejoice. We are so happy when you find your calling.

Life as you know it will change considerably over the next five years. Outdated structures, old ways of thinking, old ways of being will fall by the wayside. We will return to a community of like minded spirits. Helping others to rise, not standing or stepping over them to get to the finish line. Life is not a race. It’s a journey. A journey to be enjoyed. To love. To embrace. To feel. To experience. And when we talk about experience its about experiencing all that is. In order to feel the highs of life one must have experienced the lows. When there is tragedy the world unites in their feelings. People feel. Our souls remember our reason for being.

Coming together and feeling united, especially for a cause drives everyone forward. It moves the energy around the world and beyond. For there is a beyond”


From Lindsay (York Spiritualist Centre)

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