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Dona Bell - Mediumship Development Workshop

Saturday 21 July 2018, 10:00am - 04:00pm

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Mediumship Development Workshop

  • £15.00 - Visitors
  • £12.50 - Members


We advise all interested parties to reserve a place on this course to avoid disappointment;  workshop places are limited.


Dona Bell


The day will be working on the Psychic and Mediumistic levels, looking at Private Sittings and Demonstrations.

The course will be looking at practical ways of deepening your evidence from the spirit world, and the intelligence behind that communication. We shall also be focusing on clairvoyance: there will be exercises in understanding, and giving more specific evidence through clairvoyant pictures received from the communicator.

In the private sittings situation we will look at exercises to strengthen and give structure to sittings, giving you exercises that will help you with understanding and assessing the needs of your sitter. The day shall also look at bringing your own individuality into your mediumship.

Whatever level of experience we are at with one’s mediumistic and psychic ability, we should never be satisfied with, or limit ourselves to, the standard that we have achieved. We should always be striving for more, and pushing the boundaries of our mediumship.


Dona Bell 21 Jul WS

More details, or amendments may be published as they become available.

Please bring a packed lunch with you.
Ticket sales available one month prior to the workshop start date.
Please plan your parking in advance: Blue Badge, Car share, Taxi, or Bus, York City Council parking restrictions in place around YSC.
Contact Maureen on 07914 795537 or via our contact form