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Darren Brittain - One Day Mediumship Workshop

Saturday 05 May 2018, 10:00am - 04:30pm

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One Day Mediumship Development Workshop

SORRY - Due to popular demand we are fully BOOKED OUT for this daytime workshop at this time for: Darren Brittain's Workshop 5 May ~ York Spiritualist Centre.

We welcome everyone to A Special evening of Mediumship with Darren Brittain at 7pm, also at York Spiritualist Centre

Click here ++ for information on A Special Evening of Mediumship with Darren Brittain in York


  • £25.00 - Members & Visitors (£10 deposit)

Please reserve your course place by booking in advance (limited places!)

 We advise all interested parties to reserve a place on this course to avoid disappointment;  workshop places are limited to 20 places.


Workshop Description:

This wonderful one-day workshop is suitable for the committed student who is wanting to enhance and elevate their awareness of the Spirit World and their mediumship. Throughout the day with Darren you will identify and explore the inner and outer conditions that are vital if you are to be professional, accurate, authentic, and confident workers for the Spirit World.

Are you truly allowing emotion into your work or are you 'dead from the neck down' as a medium? Do you give too much importance to how many "yes's" or "no's" you get or do you focus on the therapeutic benefits of mediumship instead? Do you struggle to understand the Power of the Spirit, or even how to harness it? Do you want to be a magnificent medium or a mediocre one?

Throughout the day you will be shown how to not only bring more emotion into your connections; but will experience how by allowing it, the quality of your evidence will improve as will your level of trust and self-belief. Because mediumship will always be a reflection of the medium, it's necessary to understand and explore what parts of the mediums mind and life come into play when they connect with the Spirit World; do you help or hinder your communications?

The day is suitable for students at all levels of ability or experience.

About Darren:

For the past 28 years Darren has demonstrated in Spiritualist churches, halls and theatres around the U.K as well as to Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Norway, Finland and Switzerland. His reputation for delivering names, dates, street names and personal information to identify loved ones has earned him a reputation as a medium of high quality.


Darren Brittain

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Please bring a packed lunch with you.
Ticket sales available one month prior to the workshop start date.
Contact Maureen on 07914 795537 or via our contact form