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A Special Evening of Mediumship with Darren Brittain

Saturday 05 May 2018, 07:00pm - 08:30pm

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A Special Evening of Mediumship with International Medium Darren Brittain.


Tickets: £10  (secure your place early, advanced tickets available 4 weeks prior to the event)

Entry: £10 on the door  

Each person will receive some free raffle tickets on arrival.


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Recent Facebook Review:

"What a fabulous evening we had at Leicester Progressive with Darren Brittain last night, when a large audience witnessed Darren at his very best giving a sparkling demonstration of mediumship.   Today we have Darren's  Workshop which is still going on and appears to be going great guns.  I have no doubt that  the feed back will be brilliant."

About Darren:

For the past 28 years Darren has demonstrated his gift in Spiritualist churches, public halls and theatres. His gift has taken him to all counties in the UK as well as to Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Germany as well as offers of work from Iceland and the United States. He has written for, and been featured in several well respected esoteric publications, including Two Worlds and Psychic News. In the last couple of years he has turned down three offers of work on high profile TV programmes, feeling that his work would be seen as purely entertainment and not for its true meaning.

In 2008 he took part in a Channel Four documentary about mediumship and was filmed demonstrating to an audience and delivering a private sitting to the presenter. Such is his accuracy, private sittings with Darren are in great demand and tickets to see him at his public demonstrations often sell out well before the date of the demonstration. His style of teaching is personal and personable and his strength and passion is helping the student to remove their own mind from the process of mediumship to give more attention to the Spirit World.

He is able to convey messages from the other side, often with such accuracy there is no doubt that a world exists after this one. His reputation for delivering names, dates, street names and personal information to identify loved ones has earned him a reputation as a medium of the highest quality. As well as being able to convey messages from the Spirit World, he sees his work as much more than that. He has a desire to remind people through his own experiences of life, and through his connection to Spirit, that we are all Divine in origin and how we can attune to that source of love to help us to heal.


Darren Brittain

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