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David Parker - A Presentation of Trance-Mediumship - York

Saturday 24 March 2018, 02:00pm

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Join us for a fascinating demonstration of Trance-Mediumship with David Parker at York Spiritualist Centre.

This will be an unforgettable afternoon experiencing David's trance work in which his guides have the opportunity to come through to speak and answer questions of those in attendance.

David has been a trance medium for best part of twenty years as well as a healer, running his own group in Hornsea. He is also a retired professional singer and musician mainly in Germany.

Doors 1.30pm for 2pm start.

  • Entry: £5 on the door.

The demonstration can last between 1 and 1.5 hours, it is governed by the room and audience energy, so bring lots of positivity!

More details may be published as they become available.


About David's Guides:

Calling Bear:

Is Lakota Sioux and passed in 1548. He was a shaman (a healer). He is my door-keeper and usually starts his visit talking in Lakota. After a while he then speaks English. He talks in a very picturesque language, often comparing situations with nature and expresses that we are all “ On the River of Life”. Your life is your canoe and your journey within it.



Is a Jewish Rabbi who taught children aged between 6-8 years. He was present on one occasion when Jeshua Ben Joseph spoke and was so enthralled by the message of the Christ that he taught the children these ways. He was forbidden to do so by the elder Rabbis, who had their own agenda but, he could not stop himself saying "how can you not speak in words of truth?". They punished him by cutting out his tongue. He bled to death. After 2000 years in the Spirit World he decided to visit again and I gladly lend him my tongue on these occasions. He has been called a “Wordsmith” and will often philosophise on a single word.


Hector & others:

There are also a number of other dear Spirit friends who Pop-in now and again including Hector a Senegalese doctor. I have also two new Spirit friends Ashtar and Adrius, who are not from this planet. There is always a possibility that other spirit friends may pop in!


Linked in recommendation:

"An extraordinary man in his field. We had an immediate empathy between us, and his Trance 'work' just blows your mind, in its immediacy, accuracy, love...amazing love. A hugely personable individual who I recommend anyone connecting with, as he brings so much to this Earth plane we exist on. A 'must-meet' man you will find. God bless him."


Please arrive at least 15 minutes early, for a 2pm start.
The doors will be locked at 2pm in order to give the medium the correct working environment.
Please switch off all mobile phones and noisy devices prior to starting.
Contact Maureen on 07914-795537 or via our contact form
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