In Holgate a Methodist Society Young Men's Class was begun in 1862. With the expansion of this class the need for accommodation became pressing and about 1872 a mission chapel was built in Wilton Street (now part of Wilton Rise). This building, known as the WILTON STREET MISSION, accommodated 172 persons and was built of red brick with white brick ornamentation; the cost was £800. The society in this area, where many railway workers lived, expanded as the population increased. On 14 September 1910 HOLGATE CHAPEL was opened at the corner of New Lane and Acomb Road. The Wilton Street mission-chapel was then sold to the Railwaymen's Mission. In 1955 it was used by the Salvation Army. It later became the York Bridge club, after which it was sold to the York Spiritualists to become York Spiritualist Centre in 1999.

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