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  • Funerals
  • Spiritual Disturbances

Affiliated body 100SNU Ministers and Officiants are fully trained to carry out marriage ceremonies, which includes the necessary legally binding vows.

In most SNU Churches a Registrar would be needed to witness and record the vows, although some Churches have an  'Authorised Person' who records the marriage in the same was as a Registrar.

Remember that when vows are exchanged in the Spiritualist service those in the Spirit world are also invited as witnesses.

 Special people in the Spirit world who cannot be there in body can certainly be there in spiritual form, bringing the love which continues to flow from them.

If you are not a Spiritualist, you need to consider whether this service is suitable for you as it treats those present as accepting of the Seven Principles and having an understanding of Spiritualism.


Naming Services for children and adults are special occasions, and are very meaningful to the person being named, as well as their family and friends.


Naming of Children


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Naming of Adults


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Within the framework of a traditional wedding ceremony, a spiritualist wedding ceremony acknowledges the spiritual side of your personal lives, and of the environment and community in which you live.



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wedding blessing

Wedding Blessings

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non married blessing

Blessing of Non-Married Couples

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renew vows

Renewal  of Vows

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A Spiritualist Funeral Service is truly a tribute to the life of the loved one who has passed ...




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Burial of Ashes


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Do you have unexplainable cold spots, unusual noises, or smells. Are you seeing shadows? If so and you cannot settle in your home, then finding out about our, 'out of centre helpline', could be the first step in resolving issues you are facing in the home..

house clearings

Spiritual Disturbances

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House Blessings

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Absolutely. As is said elsewhere, Spiritual Healing is a complementary treatment, not an alternative to the care and treatment you get from your GP or from the hospital. Spiritual healers are not allowed to diagnose illness. The diagnosis must be made by qualified and registered medical practitioners! If a spiritual healer senses that something is wrong, he or she will always refer you to your GP, and you are strongly advised by us to take the treatment prescribed by your GP or the hospital. It is hoped that spiritual healing sessions will enhance the efficacy of the treatments given by them. Many of the people who come to us say that our methods are helpful, and the benefit observable, but we cannot give any guarantees that Spiritual Healing will work, just as your GP or the hospital cannot guarantee a cure with the treatments they prescribe. Spiritual healing works on the whole person, not just on the physical body. It will help to correct imbalances in the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. Increasingly it is being realised by orthodox medicine that these non-physical aspects have a crucial role to play, both in the development of disease and in the outcome of treatment. Spiritual healing, in common with all other holistic approaches to the treatment of illness, and increasingly with orthodox medicine too, stresses the importance of the lifestyle, the state of mind and the state of the spirit of the patient, how these must be looked at, understood and worked on for healing to endure.

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